KinSleyside manor

Looking for that special place for your wedding?


A place with honest ambience and authentic style.

Kinsleyside Manor, located on the historic Gold Creek Station, offers you authentic beauty in a calm and relaxed environment. With the classic deep veranda, beautiful timber throughout and the lovely stained glass entrance, the manor typifies the best of Australia’s architectural heritage.


A place that is secluded and relaxed.

Your wedding will be the only event on that day, giving you a secluded and quiet location that is all yours for the day.

Gold Creek Station may sound a world away from the city but it's only a 20-minute drive from the CBD.


A place that is quiet and tranquil.

Kinsleyside Manor is owned and run by the Starr Family, who have been on the property for nearly 50 years. We like nothing better than sharing a warm country welcome with our guests. It's the ideal location for beautiful, secluded and relaxed wedding.

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